Born in the heart of Laurie Wimberly, Cardinal Choir was started to raise up little worshipers of Jesus.  We are so excited to share the songs with the children of our community and beyond.  We believe the world changes when we sing! 

The mission of this choir is to exalt Jesus through creating and recording worship songs that will impact the nations. Our vision is for children across the Brazos Valley to declare the name of Jesus through song. We believe the Lord ordains praise from the mouths of babes and as children worship, the enemy is  silenced. We would love to sing, create, and record alongside your children and fill this Valley with the praise of children!

This choir is in partnership with the Songwriting Studio , Jada Lee/Matchstick Project,  and Freedom Kids. Proceeds from any recordings will contribute to the Compassion International programs in Guatemala and the Dominican Republic through the Matchstick Project.

I am thrilled to lead the choir with a team of musicians. The production leadership includes Karen Vongonten, and Dean DavisMary Whelan  and Sara Anderson serve on the volunteer team.

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